800T-A1A Momentary Contact Push Buttons 30 mm

Allen Bradley / 800H, 800T 30 MM 1158 May 2, 2016
800T-A1A Momentary Contact Push Buttons 30 mm



Momentary Contact Push Buttons

Momentary Contact Push Button Devices, Non-Illuminated


Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-1      Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-2      Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-3      Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-4
Flush Head Unit
Cat. No. 800T-A1A
     Extended Head Unit
Cat. No. 800T-B6A
     Booted Unit
Cat. No. 800H-R2A
     Bootless Flush Head Unit
Cat. No. 800H-AR1A


Contact Type Button Color Type 4/13 Type 4/4X/13
Flush Head Extended Head Booted⋆  Bootless
Flush Head
Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
No Contact Green 800T-A1 800T-B1 800H-R1 800H-AR1
Black 800T-A2 800T-B2 800H-R2 800H-AR2
Red 800T-A6 800T-B6 800H-R6 800H-AR6
Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-5 1 N.O. Green 800T-A1D1 800T-B1D1 800H-R1D1 800H-AR1D1
Black 800T-A2D1 800T-B2D1 800H-R2D1 800H-AR2D1
Red 800T-A6D1 800T-B6D1 800H-R6D1 800H-AR6D1
Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_6-6 1 N.C. Green 800T-A1D2 800T-B1D2 800H-R1D2 800H-AR1D2
Black 800T-A2D2 800T-B2D2 800H-R2D2 800H-AR2D2
Red 800T-A6D2 800T-B6D2 800H-R6D2 800H-AR6D2
Click to enlarge - 800T_800H-1_3-4 1 N.O. - 1 N.C. Green 800T-A1A 800T-B1A 800H-R1A 800H-AR1A
Black 800T-A2A 800T-B2A 800H-R2A 800H-AR2A
Red 800T-A6A 800T-B6A 800H-R6A 800H-AR6A