Questions to ask VFD application requirements

Allen Bradley / VFD 508 Aug 24, 2017
Questions to ask VFD application requirements



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1.What is the drive input voltage class? (240Vac, 480Vac, etc.)
2.What is the enclosure type required? (NEMA 1, NEMA 12, etc.)
3.What is the motor current (FLA) or power (HP) rating for the motor?
4.What is the application? (Normal duty for fans & pumps, or Heavy Duty for conveyer)
5.What is the ambient temperature? (minimum & maximum)
6.Does the drive require bypass?
7.Does the VFD require integral input circuit breaker or fused disconnect?
8.What control I/O Voltage 24Vdc or 115Vac?
9.Does the drive require communications? (EtherNet, DeviceNet, BACnet, LonWorks)
10.What type of drive enclosure cooling? (Fans, A/C Unit, etc.)
11.Is the motor inverter duty rated? (NEMA MG-1)
12.What is the motor cable length between drive and motor?
13.Does the application require input line reactor, load reactor, dV/dt output filter, sine wave output filter?
14.What altitude will the drive operate if above 3,300 feet? (de-rate 1% per 328 feet)