AK-U0-RJ45-SC1 Splitter Cable. RJ45 one to two port splitter cable.

Allen Bradley 340 Sep 6, 2017


Communication Option Kits
Description Cat. No.
DeviceNet™ Communication Adapter 25-COMM-D
EtherNet/IP™ Communication Adapter - Dual Port 25-COMM-E2P
PROFIBUS™ DP Communication Adapter 25-COMM-P
Serial Converter Module (RS485 to RS232). Provides serial communication via DF1 protocol for use with DriveExplorer and DriveExecutive™ software. Includes DSI to RS232 serial converter, 1203-SFC serial cable, 22-RJ45CBL-C20 cable, and DriveExplorer Lite CD. 22-SCM-232
Serial Cable. 2.0 meter with a locking low profile connector. Connects the serial converter to a 9-pin sub-miniature D female computer connector. 1203-SFC
Serial Null Modem Adapter. Use when connecting the serial converter to DriveExplorer on a handheld PC. 1203-SNM
Universal Serial Bus™ (USB) Converter includes 2m USB, 20-HIM-H10 & 22-HIM-H10 Cables. 1203-USB
DSI Cable. 2.0 meter RJ45 to RJ45 cable, male to male connectors. 22-RJ45CBL-C20
Splitter Cable. RJ45 one to two port splitter cable. AK-U0-RJ45-SC1
Terminal Block. RJ45 two position terminal block (6 pieces) with two 120 Ohm terminating resistors (loose). AK-U0-RJ45-TB2P
Terminating Resistors. 120 Ohm resistor embedded in an RJ45 connector (2 pieces). AK-U0-RJ45-TR1
DSI External Communications Kit. External mounting kit for 22-COMM Communication Adapters. 22-XCOMM-DC-BASE
External Communications Kit Power Supply
Optional 100…240V AC Power Supply for External DSI Communications Kit.
Compact I/O Module (3 Channel) 1769-SM2