1609-PBAT Replacement battery

Allen Bradley 654 Aug 23, 2017
1609-PBAT Replacement battery


The 1609-PBAT is a replacement battery assembly to use when the batteries in the UPS need to be switched out as they reach their end of useful life.  There are actually 2 physical batteries per 1609-PBAT catalog number.  The 3000VA and 5000VA units both use one 1609-PBAT replacement battery (for a total of 2 batteries)  while the 8000VA and 10000VA units use (2) 1609-PBAT replacement batteries ( for a total of 4 batteries).

The 1609-PXBP is an external battery pack assembly that includes a stand alone housing, with mounting hardware and batteries.  The 1609-PXBP is intended to be connected to any of the P-Series UPS products and used to extend the run time of the UPS.  You can cascade as many as 10 separate 1609-PXBP battery packs together on any of the 1609-P Series UPS products.  Each 1609-PXBP uses (2) 1609-PBAT replacement battery assemblies.

The BTU/hour ratings (heat output at full load) are shown below.

These ratings apply regardless of the number of battery packs being used.

1609-P3000N = 655 BTU/hour

1609-P3000A = 655 BTU/hour

1609-P5000E = 1040 BTU/hour

1609-P8000E = 1536 BTU/hour

1609-P10000E = 2216 BTU/hour