Country Of Origin

Allen Bradley 1378 May 25, 2016



Part #  Country of origin     
100-C43KD10 Switzerland / Poland CH/PL May-16
140G-G2C3-C15 Italy IT Jun-16
140G-G-EA1R1A/A Italy IT Aug-16
140G-G-NVM12R Italy IT Jun-16
1492-SPM1C020 Bulgaria BG Jun-16
1492-SPM1C040 Bulgaria BG Jun-16
1492-SPM1C100 Bulgaria BG May-16
1492-SPM1C200 Bulgaria BG Jun-16
1497D-A14-M10-0-N  Mexico   May-16
1606-XL120DR Czech Republic   Jun-16
1606-XL240DR Czech Republic   Jun-16
1606-XLB The Czech Republic CZ Jul-16
1606-XLE120E-2 China   May-16
1606-XLS180B/A China CN Jul-16
1608P-200A480V3S-HC USA   May-16
1609-D1000N China CN Jun-16
1609-HDK1 Philippines   May-16
1609-P300N/A Philippines   May-16
1734-IE2V/C Singapore SG May-16
1734-IE4C Singapore SG Jul-16
1734-TB/A China CN May-16
1760-CBLPM02 Federal Republic of Germany DE May-16
1762-IT4/A Malaysia MY Sept. 2016
1769-BA Japan JP Jun-16
1783-US5T  China   May-16
1783-US5TG/A China CN May-16
1783-US8T China   Jun-16
194E-E63-1753/B Poland PL  Aug-16
194L-HE6N-175/B Poland PL  Aug-16
2080-LC50-24QWB/A Singapore SG May-16
2085-ECR/A Singapore SG May-16
2085-IF8/A Singapore SG May-16
25B-B011N104 China Taiwan CN/TW Jun-16
25B-D1P4N104/A China CN Oct-16
2711P-RDT10C Japan JP Jun-16
440R-D22R2/A Federal Republic of Germany DE Aug-16
700-HK32A1-4 Italy IT May-16
700-HK32Z24-4 Italy IT May-16
700-HN222 Italy IT May-16
872C-J5N18-A2 Federal Republic of Germany DE Jul-16
889D-F4AC-5/B China CN Aug-16
9300-ENA USA   May-16
9393-RSTCLX USA   May-16
9393-RSTL5KENM USA   May-16
A362412LP USA   Jun-16
A36P24 USA   Jun-16
C1WH6 USA   May-16
D21804 USA   Jun-16
F1X2WH6 USA   May-16
LP2346G Mexico   May-16
LWC234616 Mexico   May-16
PTL102427 USA   Jun-16
R4310 MEXICO   Jun-16





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